Folk culture has an important place in cultural existence. Information belonging to the folk culture is made up of experiences that people have created as a result of life experience and transferred to the next generation. One of these experiences used in everyday life is the folk meteorology. Folk meteorology is used to make predictions and understand when the weather is hot, cold, cloudy, clear, windy, or rainy. When technology is inadequate, folk meteorology has gone forward in societies that sustain their subsistence with agricultural activities. Mankind has decided their agricultural activities carried out on a specific day and time with using daily, weekly or longer meteorological forecasting methods formed by looking at the instant situation of plants, animals or air. However, with the use of technology in all aspects of life, the information of folk meteorology almost has been forgotten. This study will focus on “Kocakarı Hesabı”, used in the past for the prediction of the weather in the summer months which agricultural activities goes on, which is currently being used in the Düverdüzü Village in Düzce. We will try to determine the consistencies and inconsistencies by showing the year 2017 weather forecast, which was created according to this method, which is a one-year forecasting method. Also forecast for the year 2018 will be included. For this reason, an example of a meteorological prediction, which is a piece of culture that keeps social memory alive has been used generationally, is being used today, and is taught in future generations.


Folk Culture, Folk Meteorology, Kocakarı Hesabı, Forecast, Prediction

Author : Recep DEMİR
Number of pages: 213-222
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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