This study aims at revealing the overt coding properties and behavior-and-control properties of Subject and Object grammatical relations in Turkish. First of all, Keenan’s (1975,1976) overt marking and behavior and control properties revealed in the typological studies on Subject and Object grammatical relations will be examined briefly. Next, the properties related to Turkish will be tested in our data. Especially, serial verbs in Turkish similar to serial verbs in African languages and the occurrence of Object grammatical relation in these structures will be dealt with later in the study. In this respect random examples were selected out of a database consisting of 300 minutes of natural speech recording. The results of the study indicates that the formal distinction between Subject and Object and Direct Object and Indirect Object grammatical relations in Turkish is amply supported by overt coding properties while behavior-and-control properties play a minimal role. In parallel, the overt coding properties play a dominant role in distinguishing the grammatical relations in serial verb constructions in Turkish.


Subject, Object, Grammatical Relations, Serial Verbs, Overt Coding

Author : Bilge ÖZTÜRK
Number of pages: 145-152
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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