Especially military and political presence of Turks choosing Islam as religion and coming to Muslim lands prior to Seljukian has been revealed with numerous scientific studies. There are, with no doubt, contributions of various nations and communities with different beliefs to the civilization that Muslims constituted. In fact, Islamic History is the history of political, cultural and social relations which several nations formed together. Turks, who have an old history, had remarkable civilization, scientific works before they chose Islamic religion. It is a historical reality that Turks came to Islamic lands after they became Muslims, and marked an Abbasid period of the century between 850 and 950. So, what kinds of contributions did the Turks, with so deep past, had in the scientific and cultural life after they had arrived in the Islamic lands? Is there an influence of Turks in Islamic civilization? Revealing so many questions like these is an important duty of scientists in this field; and the aim of this study is to answer these questions. Muslim Arabs arrived in the geography where Turks lived in VII century. From this century on, Turks who met Islam especially in Khorasan and Mâveruünnehir developed both divine and positive sciences in these lands and other Islamic lands they reached by learning the language of this civilization. Famous Turkish scholars, the name of whose will be mentioned for years, appeared in various fields of science. Turks introduced their knowledge, experience and tools to Islamic world; therefore, they played a very important role in formation, development and spreading of civilization that Muslims established in Medieval Century.


Science in Turks, Turkish Civilization, Turks in Islamic Civilization

Author : Mehmet Emin ŞEN
Number of pages: 49-64
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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