The purpose of this study is to investigate whether municipality employees' organizational justice perceptions impact their learned helplessness levels or not. The study employed three scales. The first one is Organizational Justice Scale composed of three dimensions (distributive, procedural, and interactive) and 25 questions and used by Yürür in 2005. The second one is Learned Helplessness Scale composed of one dimension and 24 questions and used by Tayfur in 2011. Lastly, the study used seven-question demographic scale to determine the demographic characteristics of the sample. The research sample consists of 210 employees working in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality including workers, civil servants, chiefs, and directors. The study applied descriptive statistical methods for evaluating the data, Pearson's correlation for the relationship between the variables, and regression analysis to measure the effect of organizational justice perception on learned helplessness. One of the remarkable findings of the study is that procedural justice and organizational justice (general) decrease learned helplessness. In addition, employees with less income and experience were found to have higher justice perceptions than others. One of the most important reasons for this may be subcontracting for staff. We think that subcontracted workers who had not been appointed despite waiting for a position as a civil servant responded the survey with fear of being fired. Lastly, those working at relatively higher positions in terms of career steps were detected to have higher learned helplessness levels than other employees. This may be resulting from the political structure of municipalities. Employees who got a job when the previous municipality management was in power may not find a chance for promotion under the new management.


Organisational Justice, Learned Helplessness, Municipal Employees

Author : Ufuk ORHAN - Cansu KAPLAN
Number of pages: 175-187
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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