Security, which has been one of the most basic needs of life since the existence of human beings; has vital importance with regards to the existence of people, human communities and the states. Security, which is shaped according to the requirements of each era, has gained a new dimension in our era with the effect of information and communication Technologies (ICT). These technologies have created the dimension which is called "Cyber Space". In addition to the benefits, this dimension also has many security vulnerabilities. The risks and threats posed by these vulnerabilities can occur in any environment, from the security of individuals to the security of states. Cyber attacks, targeting individuals at the begin, have expanded its target area to the public institutions of the states due to the increasing use of ICT by states. In particular, the cyber attack to a public institution can cause significant damage. Because of the significant effects of cyber attacks, states have to take measures to foresee and prevent these attacks. For this, it is important to detect, analyze and evaluate the cyber attck events that have occurred before. From this point of view, this conceptual study aims to evaluate cyber attacks, measures taken against these attacks and their effects on national security. At the end of this study, it was determined that Turkey was one of the countries exposed to the intense cyber attacks and therefore, she should continue to develop its capabilities on cyber defence.


Cyber Security, Cyber Attack, Cyber Space, Information Technologies, Security, Cyber Threat, Measures

Author : Sertan AKÇALI - Mehmet Bilge Kağan ÖNAÇAN
Number of pages: 351-369
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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