Author : Muhittin ELİAÇIK
Number of pages : 1-9


One of the most important criteria in the Nations culture and civilization is the kitchen menus. Turkish cuisine has been in too many different regions and this issue brought a wealthy kitchen, wealth of products, and has had a very colorful menu. Baklava,being the most prominent product of this wealthy menu, has been an exceptional diamond which is begrudged and on which some nations are trying to own. Baklava,which is being made with putting various nuts between thin doughs and pouring sherbet upon, is a Turkish rooted word and entered into proverbs and idioms. Interlaced many languages and being used still. It has been written many poems about baklava, which has been a topic to a scoff in Ottoman. In this poems, baklava has been observed more excellent than the darling which is at the top of the diwan poems. In this article,the poems which are fasten down among the poems written about baklava will be presented.


Kitchen, Culinary culture, Menu, Baklava, Dessert

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