Karakeçili Dialect ( Kırıkkale ) II (Vowels)
Karakeçili Ağzı (Kırıkkale) II (Ünlüler)

Author : Serdar YAVUZ
Number of pages : 335-351


Dialectology works have considerable and valuable data in terms of strategical language researches. Works of Turkey Turkish dialect are resources for first of all presenting, examining local dialects and forming a dialect atlas. In addition to this, these works will function as a resource for disciplines such as sociology, history, ethnology and etymology. Data coming out as a result of examining Karakeçili dialect will enable some historical information and data to be questioned. Within the scope of the work, a field study has been done by reaching all the districts and villages of Karakeçili. In this essay vowels , an element of phonetics of Karakeçili dialect, are tried to be given. Located in Central Anatolia Region, town of Karakeçili of city of Kırıkkale has a considerable importance with its historical, cultural and sociological structure. The field studies we did in the region has given us the opportunity of detecting characteristics of phonetics of Karakeçili dialect.


Dialect, Karakeçili, Turkey Turkish dialects, Phonetics, Vowel.

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