Author : Ejder OKUMUŞ
Number of pages : 13-31


The issue of this study is the exploitation and abuse of values and religion as a value. Values as social phenomena constitute the fundamental basis points of society. Values which are formed by the common acceptance of group members and bring a standard to evaluate things and evenings play important roles in the development of people's attitudes and behaviors and in the realization of social relationships. Religion as an ultimate value has an important place in social values and holds a part for an acceptance of many values. Religion which itself is a value enrichs values as well as produces values in society, and fulfils a legitimating function in the acceptance of values by society. Values including religion always become subject to exploitation because of their influence in social life. The exploitation of values and religion as a value is close related with the fact that values and religon are the common goods of group or society. The exploitation which is a sociological phenomenon due to its nature is a kind of social relation and is a fact that emerges on social ground. In this study considering the exploitation of values and religion, trying to understand the social dimensions of the abuse or the misuse of values and religion at the scientifical level is the aim of the writer.


Values, religion, Islam, exploitation, society, Turkey

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