Author : Seda YILMAZ
Number of pages : 521-535


The research has been focused the content of voice concept and term, the qualities of morphemes constituted this category and what it should be the criteria used for classification of this forms. According to accepted view in this study settled voice definition in traditional grammar is open to discussion because of voice forms which are the elements of morphology have been classified in terms of subject and object which are the elements of syntax and it hasn’t been determined that the category of voice can work on every verb form. Therefore it has been thought that voice concept and term should put in order in respect of mentioned matters. It has been concluded that existence of voice category can’t be mentioned on Turkey Turkish (TT) without handled voice morphemes in this paper. Thus situated TT hasn’t got active voice that is claimed the object being connected with the action which is represented the verb stem that is the agent of the action and which is symbolized with zero morpheme. So as concrete active voice form doesn’t exist in TT, its absence doesn’t meaningful. Middle voice is the verb form having the meaning of the action signified with the verb stem which is the agent of the action and inside or outside case of the mentioned object has occurred a change. Stereotyped verbs having this sense in this way don’t express mentioned connection between action and object with the morphological method that should be evaluated as having medium meaning verb, not medium voice. In the study the voice morphemes in TT have been discussed by using the method of functional linguistics and the forms have been classified by considering the functions they have. To determinate the functions of the voice morphemes accurately and completely contemporary TT literature materials and speeches have been utilized and the verb forms included in their combination voice forms have been tested with examples obtained by using the screening method, too.


Linguistics, Voice, Passive Voice, Active Voice, M

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