Author : Sevilay ÖZER
Number of pages : 437-455


Builder of German Union, Bismarck and founder of Turkish Republic, Atatürk had various similarities and differences. One of these leaders served for the establishment of German State by combining separated Germans under Prussia, which was a rooted government, while the other leader saved his country from the occupation process started with the signing of Armistice of Mondros and succeeded in establishing the New Turkish State. The remarkable common point of the two leaders at this point is that they were quite farsighted. As they had high foresight ability, they had the chance to carefully calculate and determine the steps to be taken. Their sharp wits were one of the most significant factors of the success of their policies. But besides that, it is crucial to present the difference in the methods they applied in order to reach their goals. Bismarck was a leader who believed in that German Union could be established with sword and blood rather than diplomacy. Before the establishment of German Union, he uttered these words; “If we do nothing in order to become hammer, we will become stake”, He clearly explained his views about his policy through these words. Bismarck followed a different political line starting from the fact that political unity was in a very sensitive period after the completion of German Union and he put a policy into practice which was based on protecting peace in order to strengthen Germany. During this process, Germany didn’t follow colonial policy for its self interest which caused Ottoman Empire think that the Germany is a good country. On the other hand, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, started an armed struggle as a result of the imposition of being invaded, in order to reach independence. He started and followed the policy of “Peace at home, Peace in the world” after establishing the State of the Republic of Turkey. These two leaders, who have a significant place in the world political history, left lasting impressions on their nations and other nations as a result of their successes and strategies they pursued. Historian Hermann Pinnow said these about Bismarck; “Picture of the world changed as soon as he acceded; picture of the world changed when he left the work”. A similar comment about Atatürk was published in the newspaper called News Chronicle issued in England: “He is one of these rare men about whom we can say that if Atatürk had lived today, history would be much different…” This is why, it is significant to reveal the similar


Atatürk, Bismarck, Germany, Turkey

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