Author : Savaş SERTEL
Number of pages : 291-305


India, climate, vegetation, geographic location, population, underground and aboveground resources, silk and spices, has been a major power in the world cotton goods. Nation, which has been dominant in every aspect revive here. Mahmoud life has been spent with the Ghaznavid inroads in İndia. And filled the treasury with the spoils obtained from this time. Russian Czar Large Peter (Crazy) of Russians in Istanbul and testament of describes as the warehouse of the world is said to want to receive the India. The takeover of Egypt is intended to secure the colonial road to India after opening Britain's willingness to Cyprus from the Ottomans and the Suez Canal. Germany to open the Channel Front in the First World War Ottoman is intended to capture the Indian trade routes of the British. Has whet the appetite as seen with the resources of a powerful state-owned India. Sea to the prevailing UK XVII. Understand the importance of India from colonial century and has done here. That leverages the power supply India with 1.5 million Indians in the UK has them fight the First World War in Europe. Turkey, which is independent in 1947. India is one of the first countries to recognize. Turkey-India relations in the years 1950-1960 are usually commercial relations. Usually Turkey importer, the exporter is India. Turkey jute in India has imported and canvas bags.


India, Turkey, Trade, Diplomacy, Politics

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