Author : Fatih Korkut ÇOLAKOĞLU
Number of pages : 505-513


The entrepreneurship is related with seeing opportunities, evaluation of these opportunities and decision-making and implementation of this decision. Businesses are provide organizational success by making the right decisions and effective activities. In this context, the fast improvements in the field of aviation and airport management, customization of businesses in this sector provided the detection of opportunities and increase of initiatives requests. In this study, it will be analyzed success of TAV which realised important of privatization of airports and the improvments in the aviation. TAV Airports are success story written by knowledge, experience and creativity in the airport management in which one of the world's most challenging sectors. In 1997, TAV was co-incorporated by Akfen and Tepe that today operating domestic and foreign-based total thirteen airport. TAV not only build and operate the airport, as well as TAV is the only airport operator in the world providing many services under one roof, such as ground handling, information technologies, construction, security, etc. As a result of such a successful management, TAV has been amaong the leading companies in the world in terms of construction and business of airport. The policy of the TAV company is to select, develop, asses and manage its human resources at a world standard. Dynamic people who are gifted with entrepreneurial spirit, open to improvement and innovation, aim to progress both themselves and their professions and who have high levels of education, succsess motivation and social qualities play important role of success of TAV company. TAV continualy constitute opportunities for improvment and innovation in all processes, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. And TAV consider teamwork the guarantee of personel sucess and encourage teamwork in all work field.


Entrepreneurship, Business, TAV, Airport, Privatization

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