Author : Sedat CERECİ -- Hayri ÖZDEMİR
Number of pages : 1-10


In this study, sovereignty of media on societies is discussed and forming of modern societies on media base is emphasized. Media are the instruments which convey messages like knowledge and opinion and feeling and are used since the first ages. Media conveyed events in little settlements and then changed into instruments which can cause happenings and which can steer events. People live in a high rhythm life and get tired much and front media as the easiest knowledge source. People get different problems because of conditions of modern age and also look for solutions for their problems on media. Media advise people their own solutions for problems of people and convey a life style due to their benefits. People use media about all matters and originate from media from whom they vote on elections to what they eat, and where they travel at weekend to how they attidudinize about global developments. Media watch all lives of people and try to respond all necessities of people, media gain via this way and create their own style. Modern societies mostly live with messages from media and feel themselves addicted to media. Media also use impact on societies and try to create societies which are comletely addicted themselves. People use media to learn and the administrtors who always sue media administrate societies and media steer administrators and people find patterns via messages of media and choose. Media determine numerous components of society and form them.


Media, Society, Modern Age, Technology, Human

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