Author : Ersin MÜEZZİNOĞLU
Number of pages : 155-176


İzmir Assassination attempt is one of the issues which drew the most attention during the early Republican Period and there have been many different opinions among people regarding what happened actually. Because, the majority considers the incident as an absolute and deplorable assassination attempt while some think that this was a conspiracy or discharge attempt; the supporters of the latter increases in number. The first claim had been considered as the only historical reality for many years. Ahmet Şükrü Bey, the famous Minister of Education during the rule of Committee of Union and Progress in between 1913-1918 and an active member of the Progressive Republican Party, was considered among the instigators of the relevant assassination attempt. The assassination attempt predestinated the future of him and his unionist and opposing friends sharing a common fate and not only finished the unionist movement having continued since the Ottoman Era to Republic, but also concluded partially or fully the political lives of the members of the first organized opposition movement in the Republican Period. This paper investigates the unveiling of the assassination attempt, court phases and especially the role of Ahmet Şükrü Bey in the incident, his trial, and his fate and how unionist movements and oppositions were discharged referring to the case of Ahmet Şükrü Bey. In fact the witnesses of the case don't live today. At the same time, it wasn't possible to state or write down something different than the official teaching for a long time. However, the unveiling of the case, trial phases and especially the appearance of the issue on the media give us the relevant information to access the solid information and make a good assessment. The main resources of the research are İzmir and Ankara Independence Tribunals which were published in the newspapers of the day and the variety of articles and news published in the major newspapers of the period.


İzmir Assassination Attempt, Ahmet Şükrü Bey, Independence Tribunals, the Progressive Republican Pa

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