Author : Aziz BELLİ -- Abdullah AYDIN
Number of pages : 401-413


Various metropolitan models have been developed to solve the problems of cities that have become crowded with urbanization. Even the historical development of the metropolitan municipalities is new in Turkey, has been subject to legal regulation many times. The latest regulation on this subject is the Law No. 6360. As stated in Law No. 6360, it is aimed to increase the efficiency and productivity of local public services as a result of the enlargement of the scale with a strong metropolitan municipal administration. In general, this goal has brought many discussions by the practitioners. Law No. 6360 includes many factors such as the passing of many powers to metropolitan municipalities and the newly formed Investment Monitoring and Coordination Department to undertake duties. This suggests that this large area is governed by a strong execution, giving the impression that the center has been moved to local and a strong structure has emerged. Today, studies at certain scales show that the villagers who have turned into neighborhoods have moved from the local to the municipalities. This situation has brought the goal of effective and efficient service delivery to a different dimension. Therefore, a new situation has been investigated. The aim of the research created in this context is to examine the new situation that emerged after Law No. 6360 in the context of the concepts of localization and centralization. In order to accomplish this aim, it will benefit from domestic and foreign sources and basic legal arrangements related to local governments in the light of literature review. In the research, the concepts of localization and centralization will be introduced in line with the main objective determined first. Later on, the historical development process of the municipality municipality and the Law No. 6360 will be examined and the research will be completed by evaluating the concepts of the Law No. 6360 in the context of centralization and localization concepts. As a result of the research, there will be an answer to the question of whether the situation that occurred after Law No. 6360 is centralized locally.


Metropolitan, Scale, Localization, Centralization, Law No. 6360

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