Author : Bülent KARA
Number of pages : 277-288


In the past, there have always been individuals who are mentally disabled and especially mentally disabled. The most important feature that separates people with mental disabilities from other groups of people with disabilities (hearing, sight, etc.) is that the obstructive conditions can not be fully resolved. It is necessary that more attention should be paid to state politics and academic mosques to educate disabled people in this respect. As long as there are disabled individuals, there is a possibility that these individuals should be educated like other individuals. In particular, the participation and moral support of disabled people in democratic and contemporary countries constitutes one of the important requirements of the understanding of social state. Intellectual disabilities in the world and in Turkey are life-long issues that affect all family members, both internal and external, starting with individuals with mental disabilities. Nurses, patient caregivers, apartment entrances, streets, streets and koskoca have to design a city or even a country according to this obstacle. Because the success of individuals, groups and societies depends on walking to the same goal of being in the same canal. Mental disability with disability is the main factor that can make this purpose positive / negative. For this reason, in general, in terms of disability, education for mentally retarded people has to take place at the center of socialization. The most effective way to achieve this is to be educated when organizing the future of the individual and society, or in order to achieve success. How is education in our country especially intellectual disabilities? What is the navigation in the world? it is compulsory to learn contemporary methods in order to be able to overcome the difficulties of the mentally retarded individuals in the future. This study was designed to make a literary contribution in order to realize this aim. In this study which is based on literature review, firstly brief information about disability and mental disability is given, then information about special education and education of mentally retarded people in the world and Turkey is given. Finally, some suggestions are put forward and a general evaluation is made.


Disability, Mental Disability, Special Education

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