Author : Sedat CERECİ -- Burak KARABULUT - Emrah CEVHER
Number of pages : 325-331


This study handles function of message in communication process and discusses establishment of media organizations and evaluates role of individual opinion on messages and emphasizes risks of opinion on message. Mass media organizations are not only commercial organizations or not only service organizations but mostly artistic and spiritual senders. It is a question that opinions affect the messages and especially opinion of media owner form productions of mass media. Numerous people watch mass media everyday and lead their lives due to messages on media eveyday. People naturally need to learn daily events and need some tips to lead their lives and need agenda to talk. The most available instruments for people are mass media in modern age and mass media lead people in contemporary conditions. Mass media present many different productions to people and the productions contain information and also opinions of some persons. People always think and learn and have different opinions and tend to change opinion to message and convey their opinion to others. Message is a code and a mean between sender and receiver in communication process. People have developed many different ways and tools to send their opinions and to receive opinions of others. The need for communication has always motivated people and people resorted to various ways to learn new information and new opinion. Social communication has also been regarded by the state and the first communication organizations established by governments. First post organizations and the first phone operators established by governments in 19th century and then nongovernmental organizations established media organizations in 20th century. Modern age brought people many different tools and techics and approaches and almost everything changed in modernization period in the world. Economical principles and political rules and life styles changed and organization forms also changed due to contemporary conditions. Earning became the first goal and benefit is regarded much in modern age and organizations are organized on benefit and reputation base. Spiritual influences became more important in some organizations and spiritual influences provide media owner much reputation. Therefore people often meet spiritual opinions on mass media messages but they mostly do not notice them. Media workers place opinions of owner in media messages expetly. This is one of mysterious and attraction of media productions and people do not realize it.


Mass Media, Media Organizations, Structure, Opinion, People

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