Author : Melike PEHLİVAN
Number of pages : 551-569


Violence is a universal violation of human rights throughout the world and in Turkey. Violence against women within the family is a common social problem. The violence that a woman is exposed to in the family is a phenomenon that is found in almost every country of the world and is reflected in the outwardly in inverse proportion to the frequency of encounter. It is important that the work of this field is done in order to better understand the violence against women by all sections of society and to solve the problems. The causes and consequences of domestic violence in the study, the prevalence, the manner and frequency of the occurrence of the violence were established by using the systematic studies in Turkey. The subject of the research; It is the sociological examination of the causes of violence exposure of women who have been exposed to domestic violence and how they affect the source and severity of the violence experienced. Purpose of the research; In order to identify women's exposure to violence in the family, the type of violence experienced, the views on violence and the determinants of violence. Our research is a precondition for recognizing and possibly repairing problems related to 'domestic violence' in the Sögütlü District. Survey method was applied to 60 participants who were exposed to violence in the family in Söğütlü District. At the same time, observations and descriptive analysis were utilized while these techniques were applied. The findings of the study found that 56% of the participants were from the spouse's family of family discussions, 43% were psychological of the source of violence and 33% were influenced by economic problems. The result of your research; 70% of women were exposed to violence. In order to raise awareness of domestic violence and violence against women, to prevent violence and abolish violence, it is necessary to organize training and seminars on informing society about violence and its types. It is also important to develop and disseminate dissuasive policies to prevent violence.


Family, Violence And Domestic Violence Concepts

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