Author : Öznur YILMAZ
Number of pages : 511-522


Arguments for popular culture had an independent path from Turkey’s adventure for the west. The biggest part of the early approaches towards the popular culture was unapproving. As it was not considered in the beginning popular culture started to be argued for becoming a field for ideological struggle. In Turkey, the popular culture arguments have a quite big literature. This study has the claim of being the summery for the roots of the popular music arguments of this literature. The root of the Turkey’s popular culture arguments, is the Turkey’s modernization process. The difference on the understanding of the Turkeys modernization process creates difference in the understanding the Turkey’s cultural heritage. The approach on the musical policy on the early days of Turkish Republic can also be seen as a heritage problem. Reproducing music in the western way become a subject under the idea of becoming western in every area. These policies, that had a Jacobin method, has also been tried for the cultural areas but it had countered some resistance. One of the most important product of this resistance is arabesque. Arabesque was an overseen subject for years for the societies of social science. The first recognition of it was negative and as a problem. In early 90’s was evaluated on a single side. There are different ideas on the birth of the arabesque. There are also different understanding and thoughts on the subjects of how the arabesque reached to the centric levels from the outback and the un-liked case of the arabesque on the society. These arguments that has been mentioned, has been improved by the contributions of many social scientist with some nuance. For the limitation of this study, some people has been selected for better understanding of the subject.


Turkish Modernization, Cultural Teory, Arabesque, Popular Culture

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