Author : Hüseyin Kürşat TÜRKAN
Number of pages : 225-240


Game can be defined as activities composed of behaviours of curiosity, excitement, enthusiasm, happiness feelings and sometimes is formed by itself or providing self-learning experiences, motivating internally and for fun and sometimes with the fixed rules. For the children in the developmental stage, game function as a serious and effective method fullfilling the introduction and interpretetion of a course of lives of the society that he is a member of. Nostalgic plays have a crucial role in Child development as they are played with natural and procurable materials, support socializing without discriminating gender and culture, promote being active and mobile, strenghting communicating skills. Children have the opportunity to develop themselves physically, socially, emotionally, mentally and linguistically according to the games' types. That is to say; children, thanks to the plays, on the one hand have physical and psychomotor skills, on the other hand, they gain some specialities like detecting good or bad or being sharing or being virtuous. Both universally and nationally, while a child is trying to discover and know the exterior world, game is his first friend by leading and supporting him. The function of child games, although they seem amazing and entertaining them by us, they are in fact irreplaceable elements. Because games both support socializing and communicate with generations. With the games, cultural information sharing gets easier and cultural merits are inherited from generation to generation. Most of them, with slight differences are played in many different countries. For this reason, they have a speciality of bearing time and place independant common communication language. When played with the adults in the families, the relation within generations become stronger and intimacy is founded. In a statement , the children played games in Iskenderun be determined in the context of functional theory shape and will focus on the elements of these games can give children.


Game, Development, Alexander, Culture, Function

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