Author : Özlem YILDIRIM
Number of pages : 433-450


Refik Koraltan was born in the Divriği District of Sivas in 1889. Refik Bey graduated from the Faculty of Law at Istanbul University on July 28, 1910, completing his law studies. He worked as a public prosecutor in various regions, subsequently worked in the internal organization and took part in the police directorates in the country. He served in various roles such as civil administration, court membership, prosecution, litigation and police directorate. On 29 May 1918, he was appointed as the Trabzon Police Director. Mr. Refik pioneered the establishment of countrywide resistance organization (Müdafaa-i Hukuk Örgütü) against the Pontus Greek Organization in Trabzon. Later on, he went to Konya and started working on establishing the Nationalist Intelligence Agency here. Refik was one of the elected members of Konya to convene the first Grand National Assembly in Ankara on the closure of the Meclis-i Mebusan. He made Konya parliamentary mandate until December 1935 at the Grand National Assembly. After this date, Refik Bey interrupted political life and his administrative duty life began. Firstly he was appointed as governor of Artvin (Çoruh) 1936-1938 and then governor of Trabzon (1938-1939). Finally, he served in the governorship of Bursa (1939-1942). In 1942, he was elected as the Icel Member of Parliament and re-joined the Grand National Assembly. In this study, it was tried to evaluate the actions that Refik Bey made in his duty as governor in Trabzon. When Refik Bey became a governor in Trabzon, he worked in different subjects including education, agriculture and health. He insisted on inspecting the schools in the region in terms of education and studying the construction of the pension for the students who came to the region in order to learn from the remote regions. In the field of agriculture, the region was inspected for the necessity of cultivating the products suitable for nature and climate. In the field of reconstruction, he accomplished the constructors which contributed to the development of the region. After Trabzon, Koraltan, who served as the governor of Bursa from 1939 to 1942, joined the Grand National Assembly again in 1942. Koraltan, who was one of the four founders of the DP in 1946, served as the President of the Parliament during the period of 1950-1960. He was arrested on 27 May 1960 in the military coup and tried in Yassıada courts. Refik Koraltan, who was released with a political amnesty in 1964, was never interested in politics. He lost his life in 1974 due to his illness.


Refik Koraltan, Trabzon, Education, Governor, Agriculture, Construction Activities

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