Author : Fikri AYDEMİR
Number of pages : 153-160


İmage is a word that has passed fron french to our language. In the Turkish dictionary, the word image is used as imge. In the emergence of literary texts, characteristics of poetry, the words and expressions used in daily life will be entered into poetry through the filter of the poet. This screening process creates the image as a result of the reflection of the connotations and similes in the poet's imagination. In a sense, the image of words and expressions in the poet's dream emerges as images. In the evaluation of the image, the common point is to use the word dream in a meaningful way. Cahit Külebi, was born in 1917 in the midst of the country's struggle for existence. Family migrated from Erzurum to Zile a few months before birth. Külebi stated that poetry was born from his childhood dreams; and he published his first poems in Sivas during his High School period. Although he lived in Ankara because of his civil servants, he had been with Anatolian people and geography until the post-high school period and reflected these elements to his poetry. This situation has led to the fact that the elements of Anatolia in his poem were created as a result of life. This situation resulted in the fact that his poetry was authentic throughout his long-counted poetry adventure and that he did not change the line from beginning to end in his own words.Despite his acquaintance and friendship with many poets in the 1930 generation, Külebi remained as an original poet; it was not included in any group or movement. In the assessments and Reviews made on the poem of Külebi, it is said that the poetry of Anatolian, Anatolian people, folk poetry and folk songs is located in the center of this point. The images in Cahit külebi's poems will be evaluated in the categories of loneliness, time, death and women.


Cahit Külebi, Poetry, Cumhuriyet Term, İmage, Anatolian İmages

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