Author : Mehmet Hilmi KOÇ
Number of pages : 49-59


The purpose of this study is to develop an effective and reliable scale which can assess the efficiency of activity studies performed in a learning environment according to the teachers’ perceptions. The teachers, who work in the official primary and secondary schools in Cekmekoy district of Istanbul during the spring term of 2017-2018 school year, have been defined as the target population of the study. As 4 primary schools and 4 secondary schools, 8 schools in total have been determined as the sample from the relevant population by lot. Questionnaires have been sent to all the teachers who work in the determined schools. Then, the data of 244 teachers answered the questionnaire have been evaluated. In the end of the literature review, an item pool consisted of 20 items have been obtained. In accordance with the opinions received by the experts, some items were regulated, and three items were eliminated from the scale. Consequently, a sample form consisted of 17 items has been prepared. As a result of the exploratory factor analysis, a single factoral assessment tool which explains 61.16% of the total variance has been obtained. It has been determined that the scale model tested through the confirmatory factor analysis demonstrates a good compliance. Total item correlation values of the ‘’Assessment Scale for Activity Studies’’ consisted of 12 items are between 0.59 and 0.84. In addition, it has been found that the results of t test made between the supergroup and subgroup points at the rate of 27% cause a significant difference for all the items. Cronbach's Alpha coefficient calculated for the whole scale has been found as 0.96. According to the findings obtained, it can be stated that the internal consistency, effectiveness and reliability of the Assessment Scale for Activity Studies are highly sufficient. As a result of the studies made, the ‘’Assessment Scale for Activity Studies’’ gathered under the single factor and consisted of 12 items has been obtained. When the values obtained in the result of the study are taken into consideration, it can be suggested that the ‘’Assessment Scale for Activity Studies’’ be used by the researchers.


Activity, Learning Based On Activities, Scale Development, Effectiveness, Reliability

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