Author : Hatice MERTOĞLU
Number of pages : 85-102


Although the importance of nutrition and health in our lives is known by everyone, health and healthy nutrition is not given enough care. Moreover, we are faced with the information overload about nutrition and health issues from TV and internet every day. In this study, it is aimed to determine the opinions of science teacher candidates about the nutrition-health education lectured according to the authentic learning approach. However, although it was not among the aims of this study to identify and eliminate misconceptions, it was seen that authentic nutrition-health education course was effective in providing teacher candidates with healthy eating habits and eliminating misconceptions about the subject. In this qualitative study, there are 54 (50 girls, 4 boys) students voluntarily participating who selected nutrition and health education class as an elective course. To accomplish the objectives of the study, the course is taught with an authentic learning approach. The data of the research were obtained from the in-class student works and the course evaluation forms prepared by the researcher; and the results were evaluated by descriptive analysis. According to the main results obtained from the study, all of the pre-service teachers think that teaching the nutrition-health education course with authentic learning approach contributes positively to both the teaching and the developing healthy eating behaviors. Pre-service teachers think that they are confronted with an information overload by both internet and media. Therefore, they pointed out that the scientific information they obtained from primary sources is accurate and permanent. They stated that they relate the subjects they learned theoretically to daily life and they have a better understanding of society's perspective on nutrition and health. In addition to the subjects they wanted to learn, they also asked the experts to get detailed information about the information they were curious about. Thus, they stated that they have reached the information they need in daily life. The subjects covered in the Nutrition-Health course include different disciplines. As in this study, teaching the nutrition-health course with the support of the experts of the field and of the practical activities to be associated with the daily life can contribute the individuals to develop a healthy nutrition behavior.


Nutrition-Health Education, Authentic Learning, Science Education, Pre-Service Teac-her, Qualitative

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