Author : İbrahim TELLİOĞLU
Number of pages : 367-398


Trebizond is the town which had welcomed the Turks since the mid of the XI. Century. It is written in the Armenian sources that the Seljhuk raiders had been in southern part of the town duringb the 1054 campaign of Tuğrul Bey. Since she was the daughter of the emperor, Anna Komnena accounts the fact that the town was taken by the Turks after the Manzikert Battle. Thus it is possible to say that the town was first conquered in the year of 1071. However, the Gabras family would take the city again and establish its domination in the town within a short time. During the reign of Gabras family, it is not possible to acquire much information regarding the town. But after the Comnenos had established their domination in the town in the year of 1204, the historinas started to pay greater attention to the town and its surrounding. The town once being the central state of the Comnenos became the capital of the state founded on the Black Sea coast. Therefore, each sttea and the tribe getting in touch with the region s began to closely watch the developments which take place in Trebizond. Trebizonde became an important commerce center between the centuries XI.-XV. In addition to its being the exit door of Persia and with the emergence of the Geonese commerce in the region, the commerce interest in Trebizond increased considerably. However, when it was surrounded by the Turkish principalities and the states in the west and south after the Manzikert Battle its political power became restricted. The town having been exposed to Turkish incursions since the XV. Century, got rid of that pressure. Yet the determination the Osmanlis to realize the political unity in the Anatolia put an end to the Comnenos soverignty in Trebizonde.


Trebizond, Turcs, Comnenos, Byzantine Empire, Georgians, Geonese

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