Author : Reşat GEÇEN -- İsmail ÖLMEZ
Number of pages : 361-375


Health assistance is one of the main necessity of human. The health assistance should be provided immediately in case of emergency. The physical arrivals of ambulance and fire vehicles are important in order to provide the health assistance. The institution and person that responsible of health assistance need to make accurate and efficient plan. Beside the personal and physical situation of institution that responsible of health assistance, physical accessibility of event is also important. Two main factors of accessibility are the location of station and the transportation network. The numbers and locations of ambulance and fire stations should be adequate and suitable in order to provide the accessibility at the earliest. In addition the roads that constituted the transportation network, should have been built adequate and relevant. In this study, the Ambulance accessibility in Antakya district (Hatay) has been analyzed. By using Network Analyses as part of Geographic Information System (GIS), in case of emergency the ambulances have been analyzed of arrival to what places in how much time. The analyses has been conducted by using data consist of transportation network of Antakya and the location of emergency health service stations via GIS. The study area which consists of 614 km2, has 10 emergency health service stations and approximately 1500 km length of transportation network. Result of analysis showed that % 33 of area could not be provided of accessibility. % 67 of area could be arrived at least in 25 minutes. As result it has been computed as the % 29 of this accessible area could be arrived in 5 minutes, % 65 of area could be arrived in 10 minutes, % 90 of area could be arrived in 15 minutes, % 99 of area could be arrived in 20 minutes and whole area could be arrived in at least 25 minutes. In the study several suggestions have been offered in order to reduce this arrival time.


Emergency Health Service, Accessibility, GIS, Network Analysis, Antakya

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