Author : Hatice FIRAT
Number of pages : 31-47


In the concept of “authoritative expression”, which is used to express a kind of understanding that dominates the expression of the work in children's literature, the term authority is briefly used in the sense of “obedience, acceptance”. Therefore, authoritative expression is a concept related to the style of the author and it is undesirable to have children's books that are outside the “child relative” feature in children's literature texts. In this study, the authoritative narrative feature that is undesirable to be found in the works of children's literature is considered as a criterion and it is aimed to reveal the authoritative narrative feature with the examples given from the text. The importance of this study is that this study can contribute to the field since the studies on the feature of authoritative expression are limited in children's literature texts. In the research, the document review, which includes analysis of written materials containing information about the phenomenon or cases that are aimed to be researched, is used from qualitative research methods. The work titled “The Train Comes with Joy” written by Ulviye Alpay, which is a theater text written for children, was examined as a document and its data was obtained through content analysis. Content analysis is a method that helps to gather similar data within the framework of certain concepts and themes and to help interpret them in an understandable way. Direct quotations from the text are included and the findings are interpreted. As a result of the review, the work; It was determined that it was built on the superior sides of the train as a railroad and transportation vehicle. In the work, a lot of information is given about this subject, the information given is repeated frequently (the train is safe 23 times, the economic is 11 times, the comfort is 7 times, etc.), the superior aspects of other means of transportation are neglected (especially the negative thoughts about roads). given), a critical attitude was determined. In addition, it has been determined that the points that are thought to be right or wrong are clearly stated, and an environment that will enable children to question, think and produce their own ideas is not created. The presence of order sentences and necessity statements indicates that the grinder / advice model has been adopted. Based on these features, the author's work is formed for educational purposes; the text does not have a communicative feature open to different ideas; In short, it is concluded that the work was written with an authoritative understanding.


Children's Literature, Relative to the Child, Authoritative Expression, Children's Theater, Train

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