Author : Özge GÜRSOY ATAR
Number of pages : 505-532


Today, popular culture and mass culture concepts are used interchangeably. However, both are different concepts. Popular culture has been transformed over time. Mass media has also influenced popular culture, which is a product of daily life. In this study, after describing the popular culture and mass culture definitions made by the researchers, the fine line between these two concepts will be determined. . The article attempts to reveal the transformation of popular culture over time. Madonna, which is considered as one of the most important icons in popular culture history, has become an icon that commodifies itself by evaluating market rules well. In fact, what Madonna wants is to exaggerate the social rhetoric that sees women as a sexual commodity and evaluates them only with the "body". However, this situation has been transformed over time through the presentation of mass media. Comic book "Rock’s Roll Comics: Madonna" appears as one of the mass media that this transformation is seen. Images about how Madonna has become a pop icon with her voice, appearance and style in the comic book, which includes how Madonna has turned to music since childhood and what she has experienced along with her music career. In the study, visuals in the comics were analyzed by semiotic method. The aim of the study is to reveal that Madonna, which is the popular culture icon, is given only in accordance with the culture industry system rules in accordance with this special number of mass culture. In the study, it is aimed to reveal the transformation of an icon opposite the system to the mass culture product within the system by semiotic analysis method.


Popular Culture, Mass Culture, Music, Madonna, Semiotics

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