Author : Metin DEMİRCİ
Number of pages : 429-458


The first realist works, stories, long stories and novels began to appear at the Enlightenment Tatar-Bashkir literature that given examples of prose as a result of sample collection and recognition of Russia and Europe also by the effect of realism. Rızaeddin Fahreddin also publishes two literary work ın beginning of the 20. century. Rızaeddin Fahreddin, lived between 1858-1936. He has worked as a judge and Mufti at the Ministry of Religious Orenburg. He has played an important role in illuminating of Muslims of Volga-Ural region. He has wrote religious, historical, biographical, didactic works. He has contributed to the development of Tatar-Bashkir literature with published by the two works.Rızaeddin Fahreddin does not see separately Tatar and Bashkir literature and calls as the Turkish literature of the Volga and Ural throughout. Rızaeddin Fahreddin has served an effort to create a common language among the Turks. The language of literary works also shows that. As a general acceptance in Turkey, Tatar literature are examined in two main periods that until the years of the sixties of 19. century and between the years of 1860-1905. “Esma yaki Amel ve Ceza”, “Selîme yaki İffet” named works are pioneers of the types that written by Rızaeddin Fahreddin who the author of an important and encyclopedist of Tatar-Bashkir literature in the second period of Tatar literature. Rızaeddin Fahreddin had to be the target of object of criticism in this period he wrote two works. Own evaluations of related to works and their respective works and author of works on the time of writing the author and was told some of the issues are given and emphasized author's stylistic features in this study.


Rızaeddin Fahreddin, Esma, Selime, Tatar-Bashkir, style


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