Abstract The aim of this study is to examine the pre-school teachers' approaches to children's problematic behaviors. In order to obtain appropriate data, ethnogrofi model has been used which is one of qualitative research methods. The research was conducted in 19 kindergartens in Ankara and the results of the study were prepared with 95 observation records. The data were obtained by the third year students of Hacettepe University Department of Child Development by using observation form prepared by the researchers. Before the data collection process, the students were informed about the non-test measurement techniques, the observation stages, the qualified registration of the observation, and also the basic information about the problem behaviors and approaches to these behaviors. The observations were systematically evaluated on three main themes: teacher attitudes, communication barriers, and contact messages. As a result of the study, it was concluded that the teachers generally adopted a reactive model in the face of problem behaviors. Teachers' communication barriers to warn and intimidate the most verbal communication, often seen that oppressive and authoritarian attitude adopted. Also, the contact messages of the teachers were the most unconditional negative in the face of an undesirable behavior. In this study, the effects of teachers' actions and discourse on behavioral problems seen in pre-school period were discussed with literature support and teachers were advised to use various strategies to formulate behavior and increase the frequency of correct behavior against undesired behaviors. Key Words: Preschool teachers, teacher attitudes, behavior problems, teacher attitudes, communication barrier, temas iletileri


Preschool Teachers, Teacher Attitudes, Behavior Problems, Teacher Attitudes, Communication Barrier, Temas İletileri

Author : Hülya TERCAN - Haktan DEMİRCİOĞLU
Number of pages: 241-250
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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