In the Ottoman Empire, the decisions taken in court and the copies taken from the center were recorded in sharia the registers. The registers are important sources of regional history studies in terms of the information they contain. In this study, Rodoscuk / Tekirdağ's 1540 numbered Sharia Registry which contain information about years of 1664-1666 was transcribed and the data were analyzed in the light of the documents obtained. It is seen that 80% of the recorded documents are official reports and also 20% are composed of copies. The vast majority of the offical reports consist of residential sales, vineyard and orchards sales, heritage divisions and terekes. It is obviously seen that the let out of slaves and the hüccet grants for the foundations are also not to be underestimated in the registry. In Rodoscuk where there are Dhimmis, there are no cases recorded between the Muslims and the non-Muslims. Despite the fact that the Dhimmis had their own neighborhoods, it was noted that during this period, the Dhimmis and the Muslims lived in the same neighborhoods and engaged in trade. The records in the book are classified separately according to the years. The documents arranged according to years are listed as official record (zabt) and copies (suret). In the year 1075, the holly Ramadan is the lowest operand month. In this holly month, the most remarkable official report (zabt) record is the hüccet of the slave of the Jewish woman. The case examples which are not found in the registry are presented to the reader by giving their dates and page numbers. The information of social, cultural and economic lives of the region can be obtained thanks to the introduction of Sharia Registry and because of this information, evaluations were made about the Rodoscuk district. It is inevitable that the evaluations will be made more valuable by future studies and further analysis will be possible.


Rodoscuk, Sharia Records, Court, Kadi, 17. Century

Author : Furkan SARI
Number of pages: 251-259
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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