Although Turkey by examining the tax burden on wage and minimum wage, this study was conducted during occasional comparisons with the countries of the world. The unfair distribution of the minimum wage (married, with children and without children) is dealt with by considering the parts of tax burdens created over wages and minimum wage earners, which affect their lives. The solution proposals that can be created on this unfair distribution are presented. Turkey's minimum wage earners, evaluation out only employees, dependents are not calculated based on the person that he is responsible, is also installing the despite the tax burden, how long they have to live a close life difficult conditions and starvation line. In view of these, the solution processes should be evaluated and the proposal to mitigate the tax burden should be taken into account in addition to calculating the minimum wage according to the number of dependents. The idea of ??tax exclusion is quite plausible. The reason for this is that the deductions applied to the salary also occur during the procurement of compulsory needs. While the tax cut from both compulsory and salary benefits provides a great source of income to the state, the minimum wage employee is in a very difficult situation. There is no tax-free situation, but one of the two methods should be chosen, this will result in the legalization of a large proportion of people working for the minimum wage, improving the quality of life and creating a happier future.


Tax Burden, Taxation Charge, Development of Tax Burden, Turkey and OECD Countries, Tax Wedge

Author : Şennur KARAALİOĞLU
Number of pages: 261-270
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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