The Peace Corps first appeared as a promise to the university youth, just before the presidental election in the USA acquired on the year of 1960 , by Kennedy. It began to act after John F. Kennedy had become the president of the USA. Peace Corps was shaped by effecting of the methods, experiences, programmes and procedures of many institutions that were set up before in the USA. The goals of the Peace Corps were stated at the speeches during the election and public addresses after the establisment of the organization as, “to introduce the USA to the other nations, to know more about them, to assure less-developed countries a supreior quality of labor concerning their social and economical progress”. As a matter of fact, Peace Corps Volunteers started coming to Turkey, according to the agreement between the USA and Turkish Government that was signed in 1962. The activities of Peace Corps were supressed for the political, social and negative reactions of the public opinion. So the Peace Corps left Turkey in 1971. The total number of the volunteers in Turkey was 1460, between the years of 1962-1971. These volunteers carried out a multiple working schedule especially in villages, towns and any sides of Anatolia. They were essentialy assigned on teaching english, rural and urban social development, heatlh and social services and also tourism in those areas. In this paper, starting from the establisment of the Peace Corps, details and the aims of the organization, especially the education activities of the Peace Corps in Turkey have been studied as a general observation.


Peace Corps, Education, John F. Kennedy, USA, Turkey

Author : Gökhan EŞEL
Number of pages: 1-12
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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