Beynamlı Hacı Mustafa Efendi lived from 1886 to 1931. He is elected as Ankara deputy in the elections of I. and II. Ottoman Chamber of Deputies, and I. Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT). He plays an active role, proposes bills of law, and have a lot of discussions in Ottoman Chamber of Deputies. When the country faces with the severe results of wars and economic problems, he passes to Ankara where he was born to participate in activities in order to support Kuvay-I Milliye (National Army) movement. He signs Ankara Fetwa that is organized against İstanbul Fetwa which emphasizes that Kuvay-i Milliye members are infidels. Beynamlı Mustafa Efendi and his friends established the Ankara branch of Anatoli and Rumelia Countrywide Resistance Organization with Mustafa Kemal Pasha’s directions. He is well-known thanks to the famous Friday khutba in Namazgahtepe which he gave speech to support National Resistance. He declares his ideas and perspectives about military, economic, sociological, scientific and religious discussions in GNAT. He also gives fifty speeches (two of them in closed session), and gives five parliamentary questions. He participates the GNAT committee which is formed in order to give holy relics to Khalifa Abdülmecid Efendi in the allegiance ceremony. After his duty in Gnat, Beynamlı Mustafa Efendi is assigned as teacher in Dar’ül Khalifa Madrassah, then as Ankara Chaplaincy. Lastly, Beynamlı Mustafa Efendi dies when he works in Presidency of Religious Affairs as a member of Advisement Committee.


Beynamlı Mustafa Efendi, GNAT, Khutba, Ankara, National Resistance

Author : Zekeriya AKMAN
Number of pages: 501-514
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies
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